Podiatry Aching Feet

how we can help you...

Our feet are the base of our entire bone structure, and when our feet hurt - we can feel it all over the rest of our body. Problems in our feet can lead to pain in the knees and back and might cause you discomfort when you're walking, running or standing.

The bones, muscles and ligaments of the foot create arches which support the weight of your whole body. A misalignment in these bones and muscles can cause a number of different problems.

how will we treat your aching feet?

The treatment we provide to you will depend on the type of pain you are experiencing. Our podiatrists can help by identifying specific exercises which will help with stretching. strengthening and conditioning to keep you mobile, and can also assist you with specific strapping techniques to support the arch of the foot, improve foot posture and reduce stress on the foot and lower limb during activity.

Our podiatrists can also provide advice on supportive footwear (we sell medical grade shoes at The Hunter Foot Clinic) and if needed, can prescribe orthoses if your feet need further support.