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The average person walks about 216,262,500 steps in a lifetime - the equivalent of walking around the Earth three times! The podiatrists at The Hunter Foot Clinic are the experts in keeping you on your feet; offering a caring and compassionate service in the heart of busy Adamstown.

We believe everyone should be able to receive quality podiatric services - therefore we bulk bill for those who have an Enhanced Primary Careplan from their doctor. There are no out of pocket expenses for consultations.

If you have foot pain, or any related conditions or complaints, trust the team at
The Hunter Foot Clinic to take the best care of your feet.



Find out about The Hunter Foot Clinic; our team, our mission and the methods we use to give you the best results.

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The feet can be affected by structural, infectious or systemic changes at any time, impacting mobility as well as health.

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Ready to take the first step towards better foot health? Find out more about the services our podiatrists provide.

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The latest information on foot health and well-being from the skilled team at The Hunter Foot Clinic.

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