Podiatry Plantar Wart Treatment

How we can help you...

Warts are caused by a variety of different viruses, some more resistant to treatments than others. The most common type of warts our podiatrists see are plantar warts - lesions which occur on the soles of the feet.

Plantar warts can present as singular or multiple lesions and those with plantar warts can experience anything from a mild discomfort through to debilitating pain.

What will the wart treatment involve?

In the first instance, our podiatrists will use conservative treatment methods to try to combat plantar warts. Our podiatrists will carefully debride (remove the unhealthy tissue) the wart and apply a specific caustic chemical agent in an effort to breakdown the wart tissue and stimulate an auto-immune response. This treatment is then repeated a further three times over a two week period for single warts. Multiple warts may be more resistant and take further treatments and more time to eradicate.

When conservative treatment options have been exhausted, our podiatrists have had success with curing plantar warts using a multiple puncture technique, performed under a local anesthetic (when appropriate to the patient's medical history and current health status).