Podiatry Ingrown Toenails and Toenail Surgery

How we can help you...

The podiatrists at The Hunter Foot Clinic are skilled at performing surgical procedures to treat recurrent nail problems. The most common nail ailment our podiatrists treat via surgery are in-grown nails (a nail which is piercing or pressing on the skin adjacent to the toe - causing pain or infection).

what will the nail surgery involve?

To cure an in-grown nail our podiatrists will perform a partial nail avulsion. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic (which wears off after about an hour). Once the toe is numbed, a tourniquet will be applied to the toe to limit blood flow and control bleeding to the area. Our podiatrists will also prepare your toe with an antiseptic solution to minimise the risk of infection.

The portion of the nail which is in-growing will be gently lifted and resected, generally without the toe needing to be cut or stitched. The procedure may be done on one or both sides of the infected nail. Our podiatrists will then use a chemical to prevent nail regrowth. Once the procedure is completed, the tourniquet is removed and the toe is dressed with a sterile, surgical dressing.

Generally, people are able to walk immediately afterwards, however we recommend having assistance in getting home from the procedure.


What does nail bracing involve?

Our podiatrists are also able to provide toe-bracing as an alternative to nail surgery. Toe bracing involves the thorough preparation of the nail (cleaning and light abrasion) - following this, a small, clear fibreglass brace is glued to the nail. Over a period of time the brace effectively changes the shape of the nail from an in-growing nail to a flatter, less involuted nail - thereby eliminating pain.