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Podiatry Fungal Nail Treaments

Fungi tends to thrive and grow in all warm, moist places - your feet are no exception! Onychomycosis is caused by an overgrowth of fungi and usually commences growth at the end of the nail plate and continues to spread under the nail. You might first notice chalky, white plaques forming on the nail surface and as the infection progresses, this may advance to yellowish, brownish discoloration. The fungus can also damage cells at the base of the nail, causing the nail to thicken and change shape.

The podiatrists at The Hunter Foot Clinic treat fungal nail using conservative and surgical measures.

What will the fungal nail treatment involve?

During a conservative treatment, our podiatrists will cut and thin the infected nails and apply an anti-fungal topical treatment. If your skin has been infected then our podiatrists will provide advice on management of the surrounding tinea pedis.

Our podiatrists are also skilled at surgically removing nails infected with Onychomycosis. A Local Anesthetic is administered and the nail removed, and this can be combined with the application of a topical medicament as the nail regrows. Generally, our podiatrists will exhaust conservative treatment options before conducting nail surgery.