Corns and Callus


The podiatrists at The Hunter Foot Clinic will not only recommend ways to relieve pain and get rid of the corn or callus, but will also help with isolating the cause and preventing the problem from recurring.

what will the Corn and callus treatment involve? 

To treat painful corns, our podiatrists will gently remove some of the hard skin of the callus so that the centre of the corn can be removed.

To allow the callus to heal and prevent future cases, our podiatrists may redistribute pressure on the foot with soft padding and strapping or deflective appliances that fit into your shoes.

For corns on the toes, small foam or silicone wedges are useful for relieving pressure on affected areas. For older patients suffering from calluses on the soles of the feet, extra shock absorption for the ball of the foot can help compensate for loss of natural padding.

Our podiatrists may also discuss the type of footwear most likely to cause corns and calluses. In some cases, orthoses may be prescribed to reduce excessive weight-bearing forces on the foot and provide long-term relief.

It is important that you never cut corns or calluses yourself. In the warm, moist confines of enclosed shoes infections can easily develop and small cuts can quickly becomes serious wounds.